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EUTERPE • 7m 28s

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    A journey to the threshold of a utopian labyrinth. We follow the perspective of a solitary woman who descends into an abandoned subterranean arcology. She is tasked with cleaning up the mess that has spawned from this feral structure, becoming lost in the process.

    It premiered in 2016 at the Int...


    "Test every work of intellect or faith,
    And everything that your own hands have wrought
    And call those works extravagance of breath
    That are not suited for such men as come
    proud, open-eyed and laughing to the tomb." - W.B. Yeats, Vacillation


    PAREIDOLIA is an abstract narrative exploring the landscape/architecture of the body as a container of memories. The film uses bleached and distressed film stock, cut-paper puppets, stop-motion sets, hand-drawn animation and various hybrid techniques. Through a re-imagining of family stories and ...