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EUTERPE • 7m 0s

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    On ancient star maps of magnificent color quality, Lawrence Jordan takes the viewer out of this world into the realm of cosmic imagination. COSMIC ALCHEMY is thematically and visually consistent with his earlier shorts and yet, set to an evocative score by John Davis, Jordan has crossed into an u...


    We are faking, lying, performing, stretching, translating, doctoring, manipulating, mistaking, working, earning, trying, reporting, deceiving, interpreting, demonstrating, sinking.

    "We're surrounded by images. Most art is in a frame, you know it isn't real, it's in a frame. But in addition to ju...


    There is a hint of an underwater circus since many of the performers are acrobats. The sea water—if that is what it is—is yellowish brown. A full-faced sun rises from the Sun King's cradle while a moon of Saturn circles the planet. The cut-out animation moves airily through a time-distorted world...