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EUTERPE • 4m 3s

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    Roughly twenty-three million years ago, multiple volcanoes erupted, flowed and slid to form what would become Pinnacles National Park. The resulting spires are home to a diverse range of animals, revered as sacred by the Chalun and Matsun tribes as the birthplace of the Firebird / Thunderbird (Ca...


    PIPPA PASSES or THE SONG OF CONSCIENCE, adapted from the poem-of-the-same-name by Robert Browning. Preserved from the paper-print (and presented without musical accompaniment).

    "A most artistic subject handles in a manner never before excelled, with keen appreciation of its poetic and dramatic v...


    Neon ghosts dream in dead landscapes, the genesis of consciousness begins to explore finite territories and infinite loops within the digital walls of amusement. A creature born of abstraction interferes with a simple system never meant to be pushed so far.

    "...the films is a plotless mood piece...