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EUTERPE • 4m 3s

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    Roughly twenty-three million years ago, multiple volcanoes erupted, flowed and slid to form what would become Pinnacles National Park. The resulting spires are home to a diverse range of animals, revered as sacred by the Chalun and Matsun tribes as the birthplace of the Firebird / Thunderbird (Ca...


    Neon ghosts dream in dead landscapes, the genesis of consciousness begins to explore finite territories and infinite loops within the digital walls of amusement. A creature born of abstraction interferes with a simple system never meant to be pushed so far.

    "...the films is a plotless mood piece...


    In the dada tradition: ball bearings, horses and angels dance with gears, wheels and hair brushes to a Beatles song. PINK SWINE is a sleeper in the repertoire of the many fantastic animated films of Lawrence Jordan.